Honoring your promise to your loved one: aging well every day. For support, please call (213) 383-2273 or learn more.

  • A Total Care Experience "Beyond the Expected"

    Care for the Whole Person

  • A Total Care Experience "Beyond the Expected"

    Transparent and Honest Insights Engaged and involved.

  • A Total Care Experience "Beyond the Expected"

    Clarity and Stability with a Team Approach Beyond figuring everything yourself.

  • A Total Care Experience "Beyond the Expected"

    Care and Support for Your Loved One and You Because you're in this, too.

Leading, Advising and Providing Care Through This Challenging Stage

JFS Care Los Angeles understands your loved one and your family are facing a challenging stage in life’s journey. As a not-for-profit, JFS Care is freed from the demand for profit in delivering thoughtful, loving care to your loved one and those in greatest need.

We work with you to understand the needs and wishes of both your loved one and your family to assemble your care team, unique to you and delivering a care experience “beyond the expected.” The care team, together with you, enables your loved one to age well, living their very best life every day. Beyond the expected. Our team is proud to provide home care services in West Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and throughout the Los Angeles area.

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Caring just got even more rewarding

Help your career while helping others.
LA ACE Caregiver Training Program:
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Honored, Safe, Respected and Fulfilled Life at Home Aging Well and Safely Begins Here

You want the very best for your loved one, for them to live the very best life possible every day. Bringing in experienced, thoughtful care managers and/or caregivers means your loved one can live their best possible life, and you can return to being the beloved daughter, son or friend. And most importantly, you realize your promise to them—an honored, safe, respected and fulfilled life anywhere they call home. Every day. Beyond the expected.

Analyzing Your Situation, Care Planning, Care Management, and In-Home Support Experience Comprehensive and Personalized Care Leadership

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Aging Well Planning and Guidance

Feeling ill-prepared to create a care plan, address questions beyond your expertise and navigate through the medical maze?

Our experienced care managers do just that – delivering “beyond the expected.”

Caregiver Services

A thoughtfully crafted personalized home care plan optimizes your loved one’s health and well-being while relieving your stress.

We understand each loved one’s needs are different, so we create unique solutions delivering “beyond the expected.”

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