Finding the Best Home Care Solution

An older woman has found the best home care solution and is smiling as she stirs a pot of food in the kitchen with her caregiver.
Our aging care experts have the information you need to find the best home care solution for your situation.

Navigating the process of finding the best home care solution can be daunting, but with the right team at your side, the experience becomes a seamless journey. JFS Care’s dedicated professionals are here to help you understand your options and to ease the process for you and your family.

What Types of Services Are Covered by an In-Home Caregiver?

Our fully trained and experienced care professionals can help with the following types of care needs:

  1. Personal Care and Hygiene: Offering discreet and professional assistance with dressing, bathing, etc., ensuring utmost respect and dignity.
  2. Companionship: Fostering connections through engaging activities, facilitating new friendships, and providing companionship through heartfelt conversations.
  3. Meal Preparation: Crafting tasty, nutritious meals by orchestrating grocery shopping, menu planning, and cooking tailored to individual preferences.
  4. Light Housekeeping: Creating a fresh and clean living environment through dishwashing, laundry, trash disposal, seasonal projects, and orderly organization.
  5. Medication Management: Providing timely reminders for medication intake, hydration, and other essential daily wellness routines.
  6. Promoting an Active Lifestyle: Supporting physical well-being through customized activities, ranging from strolls to specialized exercises.
  7. Transportation and Errands: Ensuring hassle-free commuting in a comfortable vehicle, either ours or yours, to destinations and errands of your choice.
  8. Memory Care: Participating in brain-stimulating pursuits like shared reading, engaging conversations, puzzles and card games, fostering cognitive vitality.

Four Types of Home Care Solutions

Option #1: Free/Subsidized

Price Range: $0-20 per hour

Many of these programs are only available for clients with minimal financial resources. Contacting one of the local Multipurpose Senior Centers in Los Angeles would be the first step.

Several cost-effective avenues exist to explore, such as volunteers, grants, VA programs, Public Benefits/In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS), and non-profit initiatives. The level of home care provided varies significantly among these options.

Option #2: Direct Hire (Independent)

Price Range: $20-35 per hour

In this model, you will hire and oversee a caregiver independently. While it offers possible cost savings, it designates you as the employer. This means you are responsible for payment coordination, taxes, workers’ compensation, liability insurance, background checks, finding someone to fill in if a caregiver is sick or needs to take time off, and more. This option may be worth considering for an individual or family who can devote time to managing a caregiver daily and understands how to fulfill the legal responsibilities as the caregiver’s employer.

Option #3:  Registry Model

Price Range: $20-35 per hour (with an additional one-time fee or $5-7/hour add-on fee)

In this model, you are given a list of caregivers you can interview and hire. You set the pay rate. You often will be provided a new list within an agreed-upon timeframe if the first group of caregivers does not meet your needs. The registry is paid a one-time fee, often one month’s salary, while others charge a low hourly rate on an ongoing basis ($5-7/hour). While the cost may be lower, as with the Direct Hire option above, you are the employer and responsible for following all labor laws and meeting all related requirements.

Option #4: Home Care Agency

Price Range: $35-40 per hour

A professional home care agency, like JFS Care, offers the best home care solution for various reasons. We prioritize safety and convenience through licensed and bonded agency caregivers. You will enjoy the peace of mind that comes from partnering with experienced professionals who are W-2 employees, so all of the burden of serving as a caregiver’s employer is lifted off your shoulders.

Caregivers are offered benefits, insurance coverage, and around-the-clock support. If your primary caregiver is sick or on vacation, an equally qualified caregiver will seamlessly step in to provide the same level of exceptional care. Through JFS Care, you can access our professional care managers for more medically complex assistance. Additionally, like most agencies, we accept long-term care insurance.

Whatever your needs are, let JFS Care provide the relief you need with trusted, award-winning in-home care. Call us any time at (213) 383-2273, email us, or fill out our simple online contact form to learn more about our home care in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Hollywood, and the surrounding areas.