I Need Help! Take This Survey To Determine if Home Care Management Services Are Needed

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Care management can make a world of difference in the life of a senior.

Hiring a professional care manager could make your daily life or the life of an older loved one who needs care support easier; however, is home care management the right choice for your particular situation? When contemplating whether or not to hire a care manager, also known as an Aging Life Care Professional, consider the following questions:

  1. Are your obligations or the senior’s care issues getting more numerous and complex than can be comfortably managed alone?
  2. Are other family needs and responsibilities getting in the way of supplying the desired level of supervision and care for the senior?
  3. Are care responsibilities interfering with the paid employment of family members?
  4. Is the current family caregiver struggling to supply the desired amount of care and supervision as a result of health issues or any other reasons?
  5. Is the current family caregiver finding it tough to coordinate all medical appointments and fulfill all paperwork requirements?
  6. Is the family caregiver finding it difficult to manage the senior’s finances and/or household?
  7. Are care decisions and questions causing conflict and disagreement in the family or among responsible parties?
  8. Is more knowledge of appropriate and applicable resources desired (community resources, state and federal programs and alternate living arrangements, etc.)?
  9. Do you or the senior require services that relatives and friends do not have the capacity, skill or inclination to provide?
  10. Does family live a long distance away from the senior requiring care?

If you answered three or more of the above questions as “Yes,” a professional care manager will likely be very helpful for your situation.

Our home care management services provide family members with the guidance, coaching, and support they need. Our professional care managers also connect seniors and their families with relevant resources, coordinate, communicate, and collaborate with other members of the health care team, and so much more.

We offer two different options for care management services to meet the varied needs of the families we serve:

  • Traditional care management on an as-needed basis for in-person consultations, ongoing oversight and assessments, advocacy for seniors, and other services to ensure seniors are safe, comfortable, and as independent as possible.
  • On-demand family support, a monthly subscription that connects families with a professional care manager for phone/web support in place of in-person meetings.

For more information on either of these care management options, contact JFS Care, the leader in elder care in Los Angeles and nearby areas, at (213) 383-2273. See our Service Area page for a complete listing of all of the areas we serve.