Is Care Management Right For A Senior Loved One?

Two senior women at home, hugging. Family and generations concept.
A care manager can play a vital role in a senior’s health and wellbeing.

Are you managing an older adult loved one’s care? If so, you know that managing finances and hiring services to make safely living at home a viable option for aging relatives can be overwhelming, to say the least. Many people who are helping elderly loved ones simply don’t know where to seek advice, what to ask, or how to find a supportive aging care advocate. Seeking care management services from a professional care manager (sometimes called an Aging Life Care Professional) is a fantastic solution for these situations. Professional care managers are trained to work with families to create and manage a comprehensive care plan that meets each senior’s needs with services such as:

  • Care planning assessments to identify needs, problems and eligibility for assistance
  • Mediation between siblings or other family members who cannot agree on the plan or provide caregiving assistance for senior loved ones
  • Communication and coordination efforts across all medical and any other health care providers
  • Liaison for families who live far away from their senior family members, reporting back with any adjustments in care needs, health status or financial issues
  • Client and family education on the best way to manage chronic disease care such as for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, cardiovascular illnesses or diabetes
  • Information on costs, quality and option of resources, and connecting to specialists
  • Screening, arranging and monitoring of in-home help or any other services
  • Containing costs by avoiding inappropriate placements, duplication of services, and crisis intervention in order to prevent hospitalizations

Payment for care management services is usually out of pocket. These services are not included in MediCal, Medicare or by most private medical health insurance policies. However, some services can be billable to long-term care insurance policies.

A professional care manager brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in aging care needs, offering coaching, guidance, educational resources, and much more. Family caregivers gain much-needed peace of mind from knowing they have a knowledgeable care partner to help them navigate the world of aging care. And seniors gain the enhanced safety, comfort, and independence they need and deserve.

JFS Care, a provider of the top home care in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, offers two different types of care management services:

  • On-Demand Family Support: An affordable monthly subscription service that allows families to meet online and/or over-the-phone with a care manager for 75 minutes per month and provides other helpful resources, including a family caregiver support group.
  • Traditional Care: A service provided as-needed, for an hourly fee, that can include in-person consultations, home safety assessments, care coordination services, and more.

If you’re concerned about providing the very best care for an aging parent or other elderly relative, or would be interested in more information on how care management services can help you, contact JFS Care, the top-rated provider of senior caregivers in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, at (213) 383-2273.