Considering a Career in Caregiving? Here’s How to Register as a Home Care Aide in California.

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Learn how to register as a home care aide in California and enjoy the benefits of a rewarding career in caregiving!

Wouldn’t you love to wake up each morning knowing that you have the chance to truly impact the life of another person? Home care aides play an invaluable role in the lives of older adults who wish to continue living in the homes they love. Through companionship, running errands, and helping out around the house, they provide both socialization and freedom to the seniors they serve. In return, they enjoy the flexibility to work the hours they want while receiving competitive pay. A win-win!

The first step in pursuing a career in caregiving is knowing how to register as a home care aide in California. Don’t worry; it’s not a complicated process, and we’re here to help every step of the way.

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What Is the Home Care Aide (HCA) Registration in California?

In California, the Home Care Aide (HCA) registration is required for individuals who work for Home Care Organizations (HCOs) as caregivers. Unregistered caregivers only need to go through the process once; then they can continue to review their HCA registration every two years if they stay active. JFS Care is committed to helping HCA applicants complete the process as quickly as possible.

What Are The Steps for Completing Home Care Aide (HCA) Registration?

As a supplement to California’s HCA application guide, here are the steps to complete a Home Care Aide Registration Application in California:

  1. Go to the Home Care Aide Registration Application, which is available on the California Department of Social Services website here:
  2. Continue to the “Register As New User” page and fill out the required information. Note that the “Background Check ID” section will only be completed if you have already done a background check. Once you have created your HCA account, you should receive an email with a temporary password. Open the email and copy the temporary password.
  3. When you are asked for an “Agency Pin Number,” input the pin for Independent Home Care Aides, which is R38XKSPE.
  4. Complete the address section of the application. Once finished, you will be routed to a page titled “Registry Information,” which will tell you if you have been cleared to complete these next few steps. If the Registry Information section states that you are “Not Cleared, Denied, or Incomplete,” it means that you skipped a question, answered incorrectly, or answered untruthfully. Go back and check that your answers are correct and truthful to the best of your knowledge.
  5. Next, you will complete your HCA application and submit payment. Once you have submitted the payment online, please keep a record of this invoice. Once you are done, click the “Return to Guardian” link at the bottom of the invoice and you will be redirected back to the Guardian page. Finally, click “Next” and you will be shown an “Application Summary.” Please verify all application information is correct.
  6. Now that you have submitted and paid for your application, locate your “Application #” and save it for future use. This number is linked to your individual application.
  7. Applicants also need a Live Scan Form to get fingerprinted. Click the “CDSS Live Scan Form” link located below your “Application #.” Fill out this form with your information but do not write in the Section 8 area because it will be completed by the Live Scan operator. Download and save a copy of this pdf, then let the JFS Care recruiter know you have completed for Live Scan Form.

That’s it – you’re done for now! Once your application is submitted, the California Department of Social Services will review it and conduct a background check. If everything is in order, you will be issued a Home Care Aide registration. HCA approvals can take anywhere from 5–14+ days. Check in with your recruitment contact periodically for an update on your status.

It’s important to note that Home Care Aides in California are required to renew their registration every two years, which includes completing ongoing training and submitting a new criminal background check.

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