Help Seniors Stay Connected with Video Conferencing

stay connected with seniors this holiday season
Families are finding inventive new ways to honor family traditions in an effort to reduce risk to loved ones.

Think about the most ideal holiday season you are able to imagine. While that image will vary a little for each of us, it typically includes good food, lights, gifts, and traditions passed down through the generations. However, what absolutely holds true for all of us is the joy in spending time with the people we love. Sadly, the COVID-19 crisis has caused all of us to reconsider best ways to safely stay connected with seniors this holiday season. With a bit of creativity and ingenuity, however, it is possible to bridge the gap and stay connected with video conferencing, even if you are not able to be with your loved ones in person this season.

Our aging care experts have put together a variety of ideas to help you stay connected with seniors throughout the holidays:

  • Modify traditions. Consider the traditions that mean the most to you and your family, and how you can alter those traditions to keep everyone safe. For instance, if everyone usually gets together each year to bake cookies, you might use Zoom or a comparable platform to stay connected with video conferencing while making cookies from home. Decide on a favorite recipe, have everybody log in at a designated time, and bake away while talking and listening to some holiday music.
  • Don’t do away with decorations. Seniors who live alone frequently look forward to having members of the family, specifically grandchildren, visit to assist with holiday decorating. Without in-person visits, older adults might not be motivated to bother with decorations. Again, using a video conference program such as Zoom, arrange a time for everyone to get together to share the stories behind favorite decorations.
  • Enjoy the great outdoors. If weather permits, plan brief visits with seniors outside, safely socially distant and with face coverings. String lights on trees around the yard and decorate the front porch.
  • Send smiles. Cards, letters, pictures, phone calls, small gifts, etc. will all mean so much to older adults who are missing time with family and friends. Coordinate with them to take turns reaching out as much as possible in ways similar to this so that your older senior loved ones are flooded with expressions of love.
  • Share your feelings. There is nothing quite as wonderful as hearing from someone you love about the impact you’ve made on his/her life. Take this time to convey your appreciation towards the older adults you love for the difference they have made in your daily life, and be specific: “Dad, your patience with me when I was a teen taught me what unconditional love looks like, and thanks to you, I’m a far more patient person with my own kids.”

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