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The Alzheimer’s Research Milestones We Can Now Celebrate

With so much negative news in 2020, it’s worth reflecting on some of the wonderful achievements the past year brought – such as advancements in Alzheimer’s research. Katie McDonough, director of programs and services for the Alzheimer’s Association, shares, “There are many things that we’re learning and it’s an exciting time for Alzheimer’s research.” 

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Can You Detect Senior Depression in Your Aging Parents Over Zoom?

The isolation and fear brought on by COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the wellbeing of older adults, with nearly half of seniors surveyed in a Kaiser Family Foundation poll stating that their level of stress and worry was negatively impacting their health. And while it still may be unsafe to visit in person with senior […]

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Intro to Senior Care: Tips for Caregiving for the New Caregiver

It may have come totally out of the blue: an unexpected fall that caused a broken hip and the need for Mom to have assistance to remain at home. Or, it may have been building up over time, such as through the incremental and slow progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Whatever the circumstances, you’ve now found […]

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