Category: Alzheimer’s Disease

5 Steps to a Calmer, Dementia Friendly Environment

Agitation is one of the more challenging results of dementia, and may be incredibly hard for family members to handle. The important thing is in taking steps to tackle agitation before it is felt and conveyed by the senior, which involves keeping tabs on what has caused these feelings in the past, and creating a calm, dementia friendly environment […]

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Vision and Dementia: Visual Misperception Stress and How to Help

The complicated steps needed to enable us to see are mind-boggling. In the blink of an eye, our brains can easily take transmitted details on the world all around us, interpret that information based on input from other senses, memories, and thoughts, and then shape a perception of that information to help with making us […]

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How Can a Geriatric Care Manager Help My Loved One?

Family care providers realize that navigating the process of finding appropriate care resources for a senior can seem like trying to traverse the ocean in a rowboat – blindfolded, and blindsided by the buffeting waves and winds. The prospect of arriving safely and securely to your destination is fairly slim without having the appropriate tools, […]

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