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Category: Caregiver Burnout

Staying Checked In: How to Avoid Caregiver Boredom

It’s not easy to admit, and it’s even less easy to avoid. Becoming tired of your role as family caregiver is a common response to spending a great deal of time together, performing the same tasks, participating in the same activities, and running out of interesting conversation topics. Of course, this isn’t a reflection of […]

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Caregiving Patience: It Takes Some Getting Used To!

Does a long line of annoyed shoppers make your blood boil while waiting to a check out at a grocery store? Or when you arrive five minutes early for a doctor’s appointment, only to need to wait 45 minutes to be seen? Many people just appear to project an innate sense of patience, whatever the […]

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How to Navigate the Balancing Act of Being a Caregiver For a Spouse

If you are in a successful, lasting relationship, you know that it requires compromise, commitment, and sacrifice. The happiest relationships are those where both parties selflessly care for one another. This balance shifts, however, if the individual you love encounters a significant health concern. And this shift can have a devastating impact on the dynamics […]

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