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3 Key Benefits of Family Therapy for Senior Caregivers

There are certain milestones we may encounter in our lives that, while not necessarily negative, are known stressors. Losing a job. Starting a new job. Getting married. Getting divorced. And one that we in the home care industry are particularly mindful of: the impact on family members who are caring for aging parents. Family therapy […]

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Intro to Senior Care: Tips for New Caregivers

It may have come totally out of the blue: an unexpected fall that caused a broken hip and the need for Mom to have assistance to remain at home. Or, it may have been building up over time, such as through the incremental and slow progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Whatever the circumstances, you’ve now found […]

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Prevent Caregiver Guilt With These Seven Tips

Family caregivers give a great deal of themselves to care for their loved ones, often surrendering their own needs and desires in the process. It seems natural to presume then that caregivers would feel great about themselves, rich in self-esteem and sense of purpose. Yet the reverse can be true, with many family care providers […]

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Refusal to Change Clothes in Seniors With Dementia

Caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia requires creativity, patience, and empathy, the ability to step outside of your own reasoning and logic and understand why particular dementia challenges are occurring, and then to know how to effectively manage them. That’s certainly the case when seniors with dementia refuse to change […]

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