Category: Dementia

The Accidental Discovery That’s Curing Mice of Parkinson’s Disease

Researchers at the UC San Diego School of Medicine who thought they were examining connective tissue cell protein got quite a surprise when they alternatively discovered a therapy to eliminate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in mice. Not just that, but the treatment could be beneficial in various conditions that call for the need to […]

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Tips to Help Manage Dementia Rummaging Behaviors

Looking through bins, cupboards, and closets, pulling out assorted items from drawers, and sorting repetitively through a plethora of items could be frustrating for anyone providing care for a member of the family with Alzheimer’s, but in fact these behaviors are fulfilling an objective. Rummaging can grant a degree of comfort for those with dementia, […]

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Using Journaling in Dementia Caregiving for Better Results

Being a caregiver for a senior with dementia is a fluid, ever-evolving undertaking. One day can be calm and peaceful, with your loved one enjoying activities, eating healthy meals, and sharing laughter with you; while the following day might be fraught with agitation, anxiety, and sullenness. Exactly what will today bring with dementia caregiving? 

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