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Keys to Successful Family Caregiver Communication

“It takes a village” was never a more accurate statement than when caring for an adult family member. As family caregivers, communication is necessary for that “village” to provide the very best senior care in Burbank and surrounding areas. This allows for everyone involved in care to be on the same page. It’s also critical for family caregivers to have the chance to express concerns […]

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Symptoms of Dehydration in Seniors and How to Help

Did you know…dehydration in seniors impacts as many as half of all older adults, based on a new scientific study conducted at UCLA? Not just that, but seniors over age 65 account for the highest category of hospital admissions as a consequence of dehydration.  

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The Questions You Need to Ask Senior Care Physicians

Of the many responsibilities a family caregiver faces, perhaps one of the more daunting is managing health conditions. The National Council on Aging reports that nearly ¾ of all older adults are clinically determined to have a minimum of two chronic illnesses, and are seeing an average of four senior care physicians.  

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