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Category: Parkinson’s Disease

The Accidental Discovery That’s Curing Mice of Parkinson’s Disease

Researchers at the UC San Diego School of Medicine who thought they were examining connective tissue cell protein got quite a surprise when they alternatively discovered a therapy to eliminate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease in mice. Not just that, but the treatment could be beneficial in various conditions that call for the need to […]

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The Woman Who Can Smell Parkinson’s Is Changing the Way We Diagnosis It

You probably don’t recognize her by name, but you’ve very likely heard her story. Joy Milne has an extremely unique talent: uncovering Parkinson’s disease through her nose. Her gift came to light when she sensed what she explains as an “overpowering sort of nasty yeast smell” in her husband of 10 years. Subsequently identifying other changes in her husband, […]

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The Promising Link Between Exercise and Parkinson’s Disease

The results of remaining physically active throughout aging are remarkable, but for individuals with Parkinson’s disease, it could truly be a game-changer in the progression of the disease. Several recent studies are uncovering direct links between exercise and Parkinson’s, including the largest clinical study thus far, in which patients who exercised a minimum of 2½ […]

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