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Symptoms of Dehydration in Seniors and How to Help

Did you know…dehydration in seniors impacts as many as half of all older adults, based on a new scientific study conducted at UCLA? Not just that, but seniors over age 65 account for the highest category of hospital admissions as a consequence of dehydration.  

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The Top 4 Skills that Make the Best Family Caregivers

If you’re providing home care  for a senior loved one, it’s likely that you fell into the responsibility without having any formal training: you saw the requirement, and gallantly came forward to fulfill it. At JFS Care, comprehensive training is provided to each of our professional in-home caregivers before they’re fully equipped to safely and […]

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The Promising Link Between Exercise and Parkinson’s Disease

The results of remaining physically active throughout aging are remarkable, but for individuals with Parkinson’s disease, it could truly be a game-changer in the progression of the disease. Several recent studies are uncovering direct links between exercise and Parkinson’s, including the largest clinical study thus far, in which patients who exercised a minimum of 2½ […]

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The Senior Malnutrition Epidemic: Your Senior Loved Ones May Be at Risk

Remember Sunday dinners at Grandma’s, when the whole family came together around the table to share a hearty meal, conversations, and laughter? Unfortunately, with a lot of families now living a fair distance away from their older members of the family, together with so many demanding needs pulling us in various directions, it is difficult […]

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A Healthy Diet for Seniors Means a Health Brain for Seniors

The remarkable findings of a recent AARP study are in: people who maintain a healthy diet are twice as apt to consider their mental acuity to be very good or excellent compared to those who rarely eat well. In particular, an eating plan rich in fish, fruits and vegetables equated to higher brain health. The […]

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