Personality Test

Thank you for your interest in this position.

JFS Care is committed to providing quality services to our clients, an attentive hiring process to new applicants, and support to our staff. In order to achieve these objectives, we have begun a Caregiver Quality Assurance (CQA) process. This is a series of assessments that identifies personality characteristics that will help us determine the best “fit” between you, JFS Care and our clients.

The CQA assessments are to be completed on line. Here are the instructions:

  1. Please set aside 40 – 45 minutes of uninterrupted time to complete this process.
  2. Click here ( and then click on the link “Apply to Job”.
  3. You will need to create an account, and then follow the step-by-step instructions.
  4. Please keep in mind while doing your assessment that “Team/s” is referring to both your working with the client and their family and/or doctors as well as you working with your team here at JFS Care
  5. Be sure to click on the button “Submit Application” at the bottom of the final screen.
  6. You will know you have completed the process when you reach a screen indicating “Congratulations!”
  7. We will be in contact with you following review of your completed CQA.

Thank you.

JFS Care