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When Seniors Avoid Doctor Appointments: Tips to Help

Let’s face it: lots of us delay going to the doctor’s office. It may be awkward and downright frightening when something is wrong and we’re facing the prospect of an unwanted diagnosis. Even so, we realize it makes sense to accomplish what is most beneficial for our overall health as well as be conscientious about […]

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Flying Solo Caring for a Family Member With Dementia? We Have Solutions.

While countless older adults are dealing with the challenges of Alzheimer’s disease, an even greater number of people are struggling with caring for a family member with dementia. Surprisingly, nearly 75% of family caretakers are managing their senior loved ones’ dementia care needs alone, with only 26% reaching out for professional care assistance.

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How to Care for Senior Parents When You’re On the Outs

When providing care for senior parents, it can be difficult not to let family dynamics get in the way. For people who have been brought up by loving parents who took care of all of their needs, offering the same standard of care may just be second nature. But what if you have been negatively […]

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