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Prevent Caregiver Guilt With These Seven Tips

Family caregivers give a great deal of themselves to care for their loved ones, often surrendering their own needs and desires in the process. It seems natural to presume then that caregivers would feel great about themselves, rich in self-esteem and sense of purpose. Yet the reverse can be true, with many family care providers […]

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Differentiating Alzheimer’s and Forgetfulness

You altogether forgot about the doctor’s appointment scheduled for last week, misplaced your sunglasses for the umpteenth time, and cannot remember the name of your new neighbor for the life of you. Is all of this simply an ordinary part of growing older, or could the link between early onset Alzheimer’s disease and forgetfulness be […]

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Home Care During the Pandemic: Is It Safe?

For the past several months, family caregivers have had to face seemingly insurmountable challenges related to the care of the seniors they love. With COVID-19’s particular dangers to the elderly and those with underlying health conditions, such as COPD, diabetes, heart disease, and others that are common in seniors, families have struggled with how to […]

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Coping with Dementia During COVID-19

Loneliness. Confusion. Isolation. These feelings are getting to be commonplace for a number of us during a global pandemic pandemic. However, if you factor in the element of dementia, the challenges and frustrations are elevated to an entirely new level.  Take, as an example, the short-term memory loss inherent in dementia. A family care provider trying to find the […]

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Tips for Caring for Senior Parents Who Expect Too Much

In a perfect world, we could neatly compartmentalize our caregiving duties, sticking to a routine that met the requirements of our parents, while allowing the time necessary to manage our wide variety of other responsibilities. But needless to say, life doesn’t adhere to our desired script, and conflicting needs are not unusual when caring for elderly parents. Many seniors balk at the […]

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