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How Elder Care Mediation Eases Family Caregiving Conflict

When working together to assure the needs of one’s aging parents are met, even the closest of siblings may find themselves at odds. Stress levels and emotions are, of course, running high. Add to this your past family dynamics and history, which commonly resurface during difficult times, and it’s easy to see how challenging this […]

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Staying Safe on Dating Apps: Protecting Seniors from Online Scammers

It’s been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic started; a year of fear, isolation, and loneliness for many seniors. Physical distancing has taken away the ability to provide the comfort and warmth of an embrace or even an in-person smile in many cases. Yet humans are social creatures, and this decrease in socialization has […]

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Guns and Alzheimer’s Disease May Be a Cause for Concern

Gun safety is a hot button issue in the U.S., and it can be challenging to come to a consensus as to how to keep people safe while protecting second amendment rights. Yet in spite of which side of the fence you find yourself, there’s one little-spoken-of situation which should cause all of us to […]

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