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Tag: Senior Safety

Many Seniors Lack Basic Assistive Devices That Can Be Life-Changing

Think about the various tools you use every single day – your phone, toothbrush, hairbrush – simple items, but ones you can’t envision living without. For many seniors, there are basic assistive devices available that might mean the difference between living at home and moving to assisted living. Nonetheless nearly half of seniors living at […]

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Managing Dysphagia at Home and How Home Care Can Help

There’s nothing better than a tall, cold drink on a hot summer day, but for a senior with dysphagia, this simple pleasure can be downright dangerous. Dysphagia – or trouble with swallowing – affects millions of older adults, due to weakened mouth and/or throat muscles. Alzheimer’s, MS, cancer, and stroke are typical culprits as well. […]

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On the Brink of Needing Care: Managing Aging

The earliest signs are likely to be so subtle that most people would not even recognize that anything is amiss. Mom is extroverted, pleasant, and conversational when visiting your family and while running errands. However, those closest to her have begun to recognize concerns: forgetting about the soup cooking on the stove, resulting in a […]

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