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Tag: Talking to Aging Parents

Help Seniors Stay Connected with Video Conferencing

Think about the most ideal holiday season you are able to imagine. While that image will vary a little for each of us, it typically includes good food, lights, gifts, and traditions passed down through the generations. However, what absolutely holds true for all of us is the joy in spending time with the people […]

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When Seniors Avoid Doctor Appointments: Tips to Help

Let’s face it: lots of us delay going to the doctor’s office. It may be awkward and downright frightening when something is wrong and we’re facing the prospect of an unwanted diagnosis. Even so, we realize it makes sense to accomplish what is most beneficial for our overall health as well as be conscientious about […]

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5 Statements to Avoid Saying to Your Aging Parents

It is always better to be honest with others, right? But there are occasions when some truths are better left unsaid or at least worded more positively, particularly when talking with aging parents. While we might have the very best of intentions in wanting to help aging parents navigate life, we can help alleviate problems […]

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