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Tag: Wellness

How a Hug Can Change a Senior’s Health

The height of the pandemic was devastating for many reasons, but especially because of how physically isolated we were from each other. One of the most basic aspects of being a human – physical touch – was set aside in order to protect all of us from harm.

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The Key to a Joyful Life and Healthy Aging

It has taken nearly 80 years and a variety of scientific studies to produce the end result: a good genetic makeup and wealth really have little to do with our degree of joy or healthy aging, according to The Harvard Study of Adult Development. The study launched in 1938 and delved into the lives of […]

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Managing Dysphagia at Home and How Home Care Can Help

There’s nothing better than a tall, cold drink on a hot summer day, but for a senior with dysphagia, this simple pleasure can be downright dangerous. Dysphagia – or trouble with swallowing – affects millions of older adults, due to weakened mouth and/or throat muscles. Alzheimer’s, MS, cancer, and stroke are typical culprits as well. […]

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The Top Health Benefits of Gardening for Seniors

The cool dampness of fresh soil. The heat of the sunshine. The joyous music of songbirds. Gardening has the capacity to engage so many of our senses. Even more, there are a wealth of positive health benefits of gardening for seniors. No matter what the ability level or any space restrictions, there’s always a way […]

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How to Identify and Prevent Holiday Depression in Seniors

Although this time of year is typically viewed as the season of joy, for some older adults, the holidays are a period of profound sadness. And this year is no exception. Longing for holidays past, sadness over the loss of loved ones, and aging-related changes to health can intensify throughout the holiday season, and it’s […]

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